Recordkeeping For Your Pet’s Health

Just like our kids, our “pet babies” need regular medical care, immunizations, preventive medication and regular hygiene maintenance. We realize that not all pet lovers will go that extra mile for their pet due to cost, but it is something you should do if you are able.

Just like humans, our dogs can fall ill to everyday diseases. The biggest health risk for all pups is the dreadful heartworm.

A heartworm is a parasite that infects and debilitates some animals, especially pets such as cats and dogs. The worm requires mosquitoes to complete its reproductive cycle, so it is most common in moist, warm areas like the Mississippi River Valley and Gulf of Mexico. Although entirely preventable, veterinarians can only treat it in the early stages, so it leads to many deaths per year.

This is why record keeping is important. You should keep records of when your dog had its last shots and heartworm preventative medication. Most boarders require your dogs shot records before being left at the boarders. They do this to ensure that each dog goes home just as healthy as he arrived. Good record keeping gives you a healthy pet and a peace of mind.

Keeping good records of your dog’s hygiene maintenance is important as well. You don’t want your dog’s nails to be cut too often as he needs his nails at a particular length to protect his cuticles. When it comes to keeping your dog clean, records of baths is a good habit to practice.  Although we all want a great smelling dog, unfortunately they should not be bathed often. If you
bathe your dog more than every few weeks, then you could be damaging his skin and coat. Dogs naturally produce oils to protect their skin and give them a shiny healthy coat. When they are bathed these oils are stripped away. To be on the safe side one should use a professional groomer to ensure a proper bathing and/or trimming of the coat.

If your pup is a extremely hairy dog, then you might have heard of the FURminator®. This particular treatment removes the undercoat and decreases the amount of shedding your dog produces. It is important to not do this often as it will dry out your pup’s skin, causing irritation.

As you can see practicing good record keeping will come in handy in order to keep a healthy and happy pet. Remember your pet relies on you to stay healthy in every way.

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